Indian Heritage

Leaving the capital city of Port-of-Spain, your journey takes you to the center of the island of Trinidad to three Indian cultural sites. Weaving your way through a rural landscape of small towns and villages you arrive at the Siew Shiv Siewdass Temple in the Sea, on the western coastline of the Gulf of Paria. Siew Siewdass was an Indian indentured labourer who toiled for (17) seventeen years using buckets filled with stones and sand to build a (300) three hundred foot walkway to this magnificent little temple. Your journey continues to the only one of its kind in the Caribbean- the Indo Caribbean Museum. Precious artifacts and literature collected from the period 1845 are displayed. Our next stop is the Hanuman Murti, it is considered to be the highest Murti in the Western World (85) eighty five feet in height. Many believe that this place is sacred ground. On the same compound you can visit the Dattareya Yoga Temple